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Миллионы женщин по всему миру пытаются одеваться как "икона стиля" Кейт Миддлтон
Чтобы помочь им, журналисты подсчитали частоту её появления в свете в платьях разных оттенков

Like the Queen, Kate¿s favourite hue is Royal blue, making up 21 per cent of her colour choices

Kate refuses to hire a personal stylist and has been dubbed the Duchess of Thrift because of her habit of recycling her outfits and buying high street frocks
Kate likes a neutral look, wearing white and cream 16 per cent of the time and grey another 16 per cent of the timeDespite her splashes of colour, the Duchess has made nude tones a trademark. From cream through to champagne, blush and white, neutrals account for 32 per cent of her wardrobe
Green is her colour choice nine per cent of the time, purple and black four per cent each, while she has worn brown or yellow on three per cent of occasions each
Kate also goes for bold colours, opting for stark black and white combinations nine per cent of the time, pink eight per cent and red seven per cent
Last week the US magazine Vanity Fair declared that the Duchess of Cambridge had topped their best-dressed list for a third time
Like the Queen, Kate knows how to use colour to send out a message